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Last updated 25 May 2021
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Courts 13 - 20Open


  1. May 2022

    1. Sun 29

      WDNA Rep Carnival

    2. Tue 31

      Umpire Development

    3. Tue 31

      Team Training - ALL AGES

  2. June 2022

    1. Sat 04

      Umpire Appreciation Day

    2. Sat 04

      Day Season - Round 5

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Grading 11 - 16+ Years


Due to the Brisbane flooding our grading plan has been modified. 

Please see below details for grading this week. 

Location: Nissan Arena

Age Group


11 YEARS11 - 2 pm
12 YEARS11 - 2 pm
13 YEARS12 - 3 pm
14/15 YEARS11 - 3pm
16+ YEARS*
2 - 5pm

*Only for players that are not in a friendship team

Uniforms will be available for try on at Nissan Arena from 11 - 3pm on Sunday 6th March.  
Orders close on Sunday 6th March at 8pm

At Kenmore Bears all players aged 11 and over will be graded into teams. The age group a player is put into is based on the year they were born (not school years).

Kenmore Bears uses independent selectors to observe the girls during game play and basic skill drills. The teams are formed based on coaches reports, agility, ball skills and balance of positions.

Teams can change from year to year due to new players registering and development at different rates.

Grading is compulsory and if for any reason a player is unable to attend a session you must notify us prior to trials.