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Last updated 25 May 2021
Court 1Open
Court 2Open
Courts 13 - 20Open


  1. May 2022

    1. Sun 29

      WDNA Rep Carnival

    2. Tue 31

      Umpire Development

    3. Tue 31

      Team Training - ALL AGES

  2. June 2022

    1. Sat 04

      Umpire Appreciation Day

    2. Sat 04

      Day Season - Round 5

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Accoutrements & Attire

Umpires are to wear a predominantly white shirt and white or black skirt or white or black shorts. Alternatively, an umpire may be in Club Uniform, with a white shirt over the top of the uniform. Appropriate sports footwear must be always worn.  

You will need:
  • Whistle (metal, full size, mouth whistles only) - available at sports stores
  • Water / drink bottle/s
  • Hair band or ring to use to show which centre pass is next
  • Netball Rule book (hard-copy or Rules of Netball app is fine)

Also a good idea:
  • Small towel to wipe yourself /  sit on
  • Sunscreen
  • Snack food (particularly if playing as well) 
  • Sun hat - caps are best
  • Pen (other clubs may ask you to sign for payment)